About Miller

Miller Engineering & Testing, Inc. is a long established engineering and testing firm offering geotechnical, environmental, construction monitoring/testing and subsurface exploration services throughout New England. The firm has experienced considerable growth since being founded in 1976. With over 35 years of providing services to the public and private sectors, Miller Engineering & Testing Inc. has developed a substantial client base. Our clients have come to depend upon us for timely responses and creative solutions to their engineering and testing needs.

From our inception Miller Engineering & Testing Inc.has been offering expertise in the fields of construction monitoring, materials testing, geotechnical engineering, environmental services and subsurface drilling. This distinguishes us from many others in the field who offer one service at the exclusion of others. It is our belief that all phases of a project, from predesign investigations to completion, must be a closely integrated process. Based on this belief, we offer our services both in tandem and individually throughout all phases of the construction process.

As a testing agency, we realize the importance of working in close coordination with those instrumental in the design and construction of a facility. Of equal importance is the ability to effectively interpret and communicate the results of our field and laboratory tests, as results of these tests can dictate changes in either the design or construction of a project.

As an engineering firm we work in a cooperative effort with building owners, architects, our colleagues in the engineering field and general contractors, as well as others who are an integral part of the design and construction process. A most important feature of Miller Engineering & Testing Inc. is the ability to communicate design concepts to our construction monitoring personnel and contractors. Based on extensive knowledge in the fields of geotechnical and structural engineering, members of our engineering staff are often called upon to lend their analytical perspective and design expertise throughout all stages of construction projects. Our field and laboratory technicians work hand-in-hand with our engineers throughout all phases of construction, assuring a high quality structure, meeting the expectations of the client.